LASCANA is in the USA!


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Jasmine Sanders for LASCANA

Jasmine Sanders is LASCANA's Brand Ambassador 2019. Checkout her new collection!

Alessandra Ambrosio for LASCANA

LASCANA presents Alessandra Ambrosio as brand ambassador for the year 2018.

Athleisure by LASCANA

LASCANA's athleisure collection is now available and includes sports and active wear such as leggings, sports bras, tops and much more.

LASCANA expands into the US

Since mid 2017 is LASCANA available in the US on

The international expansion goes on

The international expansion goes on


Making use of the benefits of print.
A variety of printed materials provide lots of
inspiration, both on a national and international level, animating interested and existing customers to make a purchase.


LASCANA conquers the international world of online retail. In addition to, further successful online shops are launched. The start of LASCANA shop@shop worldwide.


The LASCANA shop-in-shop concept hits the
retail landscape. The multichannel strategy is
extended by setting up the shop-in-shop concept in Germany.


The LASCANA online shop goes live. The online shop launched in June and
the first of many more catalogues released in October. Wholesale concepts are also launched this year.


The LASCANA retail business opens its doors. Establishment of the LASCANA multi-label concept, with steady trade beginning in September. The idea of a multichannel concept to reach a wider target group is born.


LASCANA swimwear takes the plunge into the market. Extension of the LASCANA brand into the swimwear segment.


LASCANA lingerie is born. Launch of LASCANA as a premium lingerie brand at OTTO. Since then, it has been the most successful private label in the OTTO range.

Our roots: Otto GmbH & Co KG

OTTO is the second-largest mail order campany as well as one of the most successful e-commerce institutions worldwide. With its over 50 years’ experience in the lingerie segment, OTTO becomes the largest online fashion and lifestyle retailer in Germany. OTTO produces 2.5 million pieces of lingerie annually under the LASCANA brand.