LASCANA breaks the 100 million Euros mark

Underwear and swimwear retailer LASCANA – It´s a woman´s world, a subsidiary of the Hamburg-based Otto Group, has – after an already very successful previous year – once again achieved a significant increase in earnings. Sales for the LASCANA brand leapt from 93 mio Euros by almost 30% to 120 mio Euros.
„We are looking at by far the most successful year of our still short brand history. We are particularly pleased to have recorded even two-digit growth rates throughout all distribution channels while we continue to grow profitably across all channels,“ says Jens Fehnders, CEO of LASCANA.
In its 13 company-owned shops, LASCANA was able to increase turnover considerably by 23% and despite a difficult brand environment, it was possible to achieve an increase of 8% on a like-for-like basis compared to the previous year.
This is why the company will continue to accelerate its expansion in the current financial year. „In the 13th calendar week, we opened a branch in Mönchengladbach. The contract for Aachen has been signed, 4 to 5 other stores are to follow by the end of the year if possible. In the medium term, we see potential for 50 to 80 shops in Germany,“ Fehnders explains. To this purpose, LASCANA keeps looking for top locations offering 100 to 150 m² of space.
With regard to its shop-in-shop concept, LASCANA was also able to grow considerably - by 20% against the previous year. The number of POS increased from 515 to over 620, further shop space is being added. „Next to our top brand LASCANA, retailers can use modules of our licensed brands, which we are marketing exclusively. Especially our all-year range of swimwear was a door-opener. As is the excellent fit we provide. Besides LASCANA, our very successful brands include our exclusive swimwear licensed brands Venice Beach and Sunseeker Australia,“ Fehnders points out, who considers the multi-brand concept, which LASCANA relied on from the start across all channels, to be one of the main factors for the company’s success. „Besides swimwear, the increase in revenue for bras and lingerie was also first-rate,“ Fehnders says. A two-digit sales growth was once again achieved in online sales. Various flyers and small catalogues help to regularly push online turnover. To achieve this, the online shop was switched to Response Design at the end of 2014 because mobile shopping holds enormous growth potential.
Throughout the year, the company plans to further link the different channels in order to create added value for the customers, e.g. by using „click + collect“ customers will have items delivered to the branch of their choice and „click + reserve“ will reserve the desired item at a local shop.

LASCANA will launch further online shops this year in Austria, Switzerland and the UK. In 2016, more online shops are to follow in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and the Netherlands in order to promote brand expansion across Europe. The annual result has been complemented by the wholesale sector which – having achieved an increase rate of 43% - constitutes the fastest-growing segment by far. The wholesale sector delivers items to various online platforms. Besides Germany, the biggest sales growth rates were achieved in the US.
„For the current financial year 2015/2016 we once again expect to post a two-digit sales growth across all distribution channels. I am convinced that both nationally and internationally, our concept shows considerable potential for growth everywhere,“ says Fehnders, who believes that permanent availability of items and stable prices for his products as well as first-rate fit and design form the basis of LASCANA’s success.